December 2012 Hackathon Wrap-up

On December 1st and 2nd, we gathered  yet once more for an exciting and productive weekend of hacking for humanity here in Toronto. We had approximately 30 attendees at the event and we were honoured to host Thea Aldrich from RHoK Global. The event was hosted by Mozilla in downtown Toronto and sponsored byArchitech, Commons11, Uken, and BentoMiso.  As every hackathon brought something new and unique, in this hackathon we noticed how this model of software development is starting to gain attention. We had students who joined us to gather information for research papers they’re doing on the subject.

Perhaps the best outcome of the hackathon revolved around sustainability of projects. Often times we get individuals with great ideas and a functioning prototype by the end of the weekend. If those individuals did not have the right resources, NGOs or corporate backing to continue the project, those solutions would’ve stopped there. However, this hackathon we were approached by Professor Susan Elliot Sim from the University of Toronto and she offered to assign a selection of our projects to her 3rd year computer science students. This will ensure the continuation of those projects past the hackathon weekend. Currently two projects are being worked on in this class: The Hackathon Hub and

As we’re used to smaller attendance in the December hackathon (final exams and all), we had a total of three teams. First prize went to the Toronto Accessible Bulletin Boards (TABs). Second prize went to the Hackathon Hub while third prize went to Below are video summaries of each hack.

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