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RHOK-stars in Toronto

Who are these crazy amazing people of Toronto hacking away for good? Check out some reasons to participate in RHOK:

Our participation numbers:

Opening night – 60
Saturday – 83
Sunday – 55

Thank you everyone for making RHOK Toronto a huge success!


RHOK Toronto has 10 projects. We heart all the RHOKstars who are changing their community and world. Here are some videos highlighting the amazing projects:

(NOTE: Not all the projects were available for interviews)

Stay tuned for more from Rhok Toronto!

RHoK Toronto – Photos

We’re busy hacking and chatting! Here are some photos to keep you sated as we brain away:


rhok 6



See all the photos.



RHoK Toronto participants are listening to pitches from local problem owners this morning, before they decide which project they want to work on. Here are the local problems we are working on today:

Investigatenet: Microcollaboration, transparency, information access

Using mHealth to Reduce Pregnancy Related Deaths in Developing Countries

Water Voices

ACORN – Fair Housing Campaigns

Mapping Volunteers

One Plant: Greening the World, One Class at a Time

Curing Depression

NASA – Complete View ISS

RHoK Toronto participants have also been encouraged to work on some of the RHoK Featured Problems, including these ones:

Alerted App- Geo-mobile iOS/Android App to assist in the recovery of Missing Children

PhoneSat: Android Apps in Space

Nike Materials Sustainability Index – Better materials for a better world.

Data Visualization on Hispanic Migration: Shifting Perceptions on Labor Demand and Migrants’ Rights

Check back later today for updates on RHoK Toronto’s hacking for humanity.

The weekend is about to start and we wanted to acknowledge the new sponsors and community partners that came on since our last post!

RHoK Toronto would not happen without the generous support of our sponsors. Each of our sponsor companies recognizes with financial support the value of our community effort to build practical open technology to make the world a better place. We sincerely appreciate their support. Please check ‘em out and show them the RHoK Toronto love.

Hashcaster (Media Sponsor)

Our media sponsor is Hashcaster a wicked company that showcases the best content on twitter at events using their platform and have set up and we’ll have it displayed at the event.

Hashcaster is a real-time Twitter curation platform setup by your event organizer to help you find the best content tweeted at the event and to help you easily identify and connect with top influencers.


To Catch a Bike Thief (Prize Sponsor)

To Catch a Bike Thief is a new web series that tackles the problem of Bike Theft. The show follows the adventures of a group of intrepid and tech savvy cyclists looking for new ways to stop people from stealing bikes. They have provided a Crumpler Bike Messenger bag and have come up with a great contest for RHoK participants!

Post a creative/innovative idea on the To Catch a Bike Thief Facebook timeline ( for some novel anti-bicycle-theft technology, hardware hack or web/mobile app with a description of how it would be made.  Best idea (as measured by “likes”) by the end of RHoK wins the bag.

Example: “Idea for a stolen bike locator: Fit a Raspberry Pi into the bike, using a Li-ion battery as a power source.  Attach a wireless NIC with the antenna connected to the bike frame. Then run a copy of Backtrack and have it hack WiFi access points along the way and send the GPS log when successfully connected”.
Example: “Idea for a mobile app that tells you when your bike is stolen: Bluetooth or wifi tether that sends an alert to your phone when your bike exits your wifi network range”

To Catch a Bike thief is crowdfunding their webseries and are still looking for contributions!

StartMeUp Ryerson (Community Partner):

We’re excited to have StartMeUp be a part of Random Hacks of Kindness. They would like to help support the prototypes that come out of this weekend and point teams in the direction of an incubator that could be right for the project.

StartMeUp is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. We use a comprehensive, four-staged process to identify the needs of entrepreneurs, point them in the right direction, and engage them in opportunities for success along the way through education, resources, and funding. Visit our website at for more information and sign up for a Program Orientation today!

Nokia Prize Update

Nokia is providing us with two Lumia 800s that will be raffled off and the winners can pick them up at this event on Tuesday.

Join us on May 1st for Toronto's Random Hacks of Kindness hackathon.