RHoK Toronto 7.0

Toronto is Hacking for Social Good on December 1st & 2nd, 2012.

RHoK is evolving. We see a need for the RHoK hackathon model to be re-imagined with more focus on user needs and the context of the problems we're trying to solve. We've learned that our priority should have a stronger emphasis on sustainability & implementation of projects to maintain relevance and impact for the people who need it most. You've told us that you want more from RHoK.

This year we’ll be "hacking the hackathon" to improve all things RHoK. Our global community is preparing for a major change. At the end of 2013, the Global RHoK Core Team will transition the management of RHoK over to the community. And the Toronto community will come together in June to create tools, services and processes to keep this amazing event relevant to the communities we serve.

Register for the Global Satellite Event or the RHoK Hack the Hackathon Jam on June 1st at www.bentomiso.com/events/rhok-toronto

Founding Partners

"RHoK’s model is to start from identifying, defining and refining problem definitions provided by subject matter experts and local stakeholders. This ensures that volunteer time is focused on solving real problems for real people."